Wednesday, September 4, 2019

15th GATEWAY TO WRITING Oct. 5, 2019

Mid Michigan Writers, Inc.
From Pantser to Plotter and How I Grew.
Which One is Right for You?

This October 5, 2019 from 9 AM to 1:30 PM will be the fifteenth annual Gateway to Writing workshop, brought to you by Mid Michigan Writers, Inc. members Chris Lucka and Marylou Bugh. They have scoured the Michigan author lists and found another gem to be the keynote presenter for this years theme. For printable Registration click here.
"Cari Noga took her ten years of experience writing as a newspaper reporter and used her curiosity, observations of people, researching skills and ability to set deadlines to dive into novel writing."

Her latest book, The Orphan Daughter, was a product of the 2013 NaNoWriMo, refined for three years and released in 2018 by Lake Union Publishers. She has two other books Sparrow Migrations (published by Lake Union Publishers) and the nonfiction Road Biking Michigan.

Ms. Noga has a BA in journalism form Marquette University and is parent to two young children. For more information click here Cari Noga.

The workshop session will be Polishing Your Piece: Notes From a Freelance Editor. This will be run by Chris Lucka.

There's more, bring a sample of your writing, 3-5 pages, for a chance to have it discussed.

As in the past the cost for this event is only $35 for non-members, $25 for MMW members and 9-12 grade students. This includes materials, lunch and a beverage. For printable registration click here. Held at the Northeast Arts Council, 3233 Grove St Rd, Standish, MI

Registration form with payment must be received by Oct. 2, 2019.

For more info:
CALL 989-846-8211 or 989-846-6546

Hope we see you there.

Tuesday, March 26, 2019

Brisk Morning Walk

Kenneth A. Stephenson

(This story first appeared on Mid Michigan Writers in 2018)

I set out as I usually do, for a brisk walk on a cool, misty morning in May. I preferred to walk along county road 100 as there is little, if any, traffic and the gentle grade made for easy going. Vehicles traveling along the road had been diverted when the four lane highway, just a mile to the east, had opened. So I often had the road to myself and mostly uneventful. Yet on this particular morning I felt something extraordinary was going to happen.

As I strolled along, my mind on current events, I happened upon a young woman standing by the side of the road, a well worn suitcase in one hand and several colorful balloons held in the other. A rather unusual sight for this area, at this time of the morning.

I tipped my hat in greeting and noticed right away that she was rather plain, wearing a sensible blue shift and cream colored, high heeled shoes. Her tawny hair cascaded down past her shoulders. All very common. Except for her eyes. Even today, I cannot be sure it was not an illusion caused by the early light refracting through the mist, but I would have sworn her eyes went from black to emerald green to amethyst purple only to settle on aquamarine blue. All in a matter of seconds.

I regained my senses and asked, “Are you waiting for something? Perhaps someone is coming to give you a ride home.”

“I am waiting for the spaceship.” she replied and turned to look along the road.

I thought I would play along with the joke and said, “The spaceships don't run along here much since they opened the freeway.”

“This one will be along any moment now.”

Quickly tiring of the jest I tipped my hat and bid the young woman a good morning. I had scarce taken but three steps when a strong gust of wind nearly toppled me to the ground. I looked to see if an errant truck had passed by, but there was nothing in sight. Not even the young woman with the suitcase and balloons. She had vanished. It was then I surmised that spaceships must indeed still run along that road.


What is Blogging all about anyway?

Here is a link to my blog  Houghton Lake Adventures   It is an example of a typical blog. You can scroll down or click on one of the archive posts on the right hand side. 2016 was a year I was trying to write every day. Some entries are good, some not so much. It's all a part of blogging.

If you have something to say, someone out there in the blogoshere is ready to listen. Anything goes.

You make money by either placing ads on your blog site that other people pay for or through Adsense by Google. Example: If I wrote about fishing in Houghton Lake a bait shop such as Lymans on the Lake may be willing to pay me to put a small, medium or large advert along the side or across the top of my blog. 

The amount they pay each week, month or year will depend on the amount of traffic to your site in a day, week or month. That's the basics of making money blogging. Just write about something (such as "rocks") that people find interesting enough to read about.

Hope this was helpful for your quest for knowledge.

Sunday, September 23, 2018

Gateway to Writing Registration Ends Soon

Gateway To Writing 2018

The registration deadline for the 2018 Gateway to Writing Workshop featuring Anne-Marie Ooman is less than than two weeks away. Registrations must be received by October 3rd. Also a workshop session with Marylou Bugh presenting Sense or Nonsense: Sensible Characters. Includes all materials, beverages and lunch.

Writing Workshop 2018 Deadline Approaches

Gateway To Writing 2018

The registration deadline for the 2018 Gateway to Writing Workshop featuring Anne-Marie Ooman is less than than two weeks away. Registrations must be received by October 3rd. Also a workshop session with Marylou Bugh presenting Sense or Nonsense: Sensible Characters. Includes all materials, beverages and lunch.

Sunday, August 26, 2018

Gateway To Writing Workshop 2018

This year we are proud to host guest author Anne-Marie Oomen. Ms Ooman grew up on a farm outside of Hart, Michigan. She has taught writing in many venues from Boston to Chicago areas to Intwerlochen, and has more than 35 years of teaching experience She will be presenting A Sense of Place.We will have our usual second workshop session Sense or Nonsense: Sensible Characters presented by Marylou Bugh.

Anne-Marie Ooman has published in numerous genres: memoir, essay, poetry and plays and won two Notable Book Awards. For more info about her novels click here Anne-Marie Ooman..

New this year, in place of the Q&A we have had in the past, we will have a critique session. Attendees are encouraged to bring a sample (3-5 pages) of your writing for a chance to have it discussed.

If your an aspiring writer or a seasoned storyteller looking for motivation. Join us on Saturday, October 6, 2018, 9 AM at the Northeast Arts Council Bldg in Standish for an educational and fun day of writing.

Gateway to Writing, now in it's fourteenth year, is a writers workshop held at the Northeast Arts Council Bldg in Standish, Michigan. The work shop runs from 9 AM to 1:45 PM. Materials, lunch and beverages are included. At the modest cost of $35 ($25 for students grade 9-12) this workshop is a real bargain.

Registration form with payment must be received by Oct. 3, so we can let the caterer know how many will attend for lunch. Click here for
Gateway to Writing 2018 Registration Form.

For more information call 989-846-6546 or 989-482-9005.

Gateway to Writing is sponsored by Mid-Michigan Writers, Inc. and Northeast Michigan Arts Council

Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Authors Marylou Bugh and Janet Allen to Launch and Sign Their Latest Books Sept. 19, 2017 in West Branch, MIchigan

Two Michigan authors will be launching their latest books at the West Branch District Library's Books for Lunch on September 19 at noon. Both authors will be giving a synopsis and signing their latest work. Books will be for sale. A vegan lunch will be available. Donation requested. Hope to see you there.